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Afternoon potty/exercise breaks while you are at work

Daily feeds., ie., day and/or evening

Daily Dog Walks - am and pm

Medications given as required

Vacation visits personalized to keep your pet in the comfort/safety of routine

Overnights in your home

Home away from Home Boarding on our premises

Services & Rates
Our Policies

Petsitting Appointments
The following is a list of our established policies and procedures. We want you to be as fully informed as possible. Please read the following information carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail. The initial appointment with a new client is customized to meet your needs. It typically takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Information is collected as per house details, feeding schedules, exercise routine, number of visits required, emergency contact numbers and veterinarian information with a release permitting me to transport them to the vet in an emergency, after you have been contacted. Be prepared to give specific details about your pet care routine.

Our Standards for Pet and Home Services
Keys and keypad codes will always be kept in a secure, location while in our possession.
We can keep the key for future service dates or leave it in an agreed upon location at the end of service. It is important to us that you feel comfortable with whichever decision you make.

It is important that we have access to cleaning supplies for pet messes, water for cleaning dishes, leashes, cleaning tools for cat boxes, toys and anything else you feel is important to keep your pet comfortable. Areas within your home that don’t have plants that may need to be watered, or supplies for pet care are not necessary for us to have access to and will be treated accordingly.

We must be informed as to all the animals in your household. They will be considered under our care, unless other care is arranged for them.

We will always clean up pet messes to the best of our ability. Accidents happen and we expect to do some cleaning around this fact. Please fully inform us to the possibilities, so we can do our job as effectively as possible. We can not take responsibility for damages done by your pet beyond our control.

Medical Attention
It is highly recommended that you inform your veterinarian that you will possibly be inaccessible by phone and have employed AAA Petsitting to care for your pet. This is most important if leaving the country or going on a cruise. We suggest you leave a credit card on file with your veterinarian for your peace of mind and your pet’s comfort.

Job Sharing and Third Parties
It is very important to inform us of any other person….(housekeeper, neighbor, family member etc.) having access to your home while you are away. We will not be held liable for any damages or neglect brought on by the additional parties that have your permission to be in your home or yard.

Pet and Home Safety
AAA Petsitting will not be held liable for cats allowed to roam free outdoors in the event of injury, loss, or death. For their safety, it is required that they remain inside the home during your absence.

It is the client’s responsibility to pet proof any areas of the home and property to which your pet has access. Please thoroughly inspect fences, and gate latches.

We will treat your home as though it was ours, which may require blinds being drawn and opened in the evening/morning. Lights turned on and off to ward off trespassers. Trash cans will be taken to the curb and replaced back into your yard on the designated garbage pick up day. We will also water plants, fill your pool and bring in packages along with the mail.

Call When You Arrive Home
Please remember to call or text upon your return home. We will continue to care for your pet until you check in at 818-269-3419. This is to ensure your pet’s safety and well being.

Payment can be made upon departure or return from your trip. If a client is a weekly dog walking client, payment is due at the end of each week.  

We do not require a 24 hour cancellation period. 

​We do not require a 24 hour cancellation period.

Please make sure you have an extra key available upon first meeting.
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